Basic Organizational Forms: A Second Look

The concept of basic organizational forms is useful to the analysis of an organization’s nature because it details how the fundamental structure of a company impacts its information processing and goal setting behavior. Identifying the difference between unified and multiplex modes of organizing, there are a number of basic organizational forms that have been established as capable of adding to a company’s ability to deal with raising information processing demands. The contrasts between these forms helps one to realize that different organizations will have to cope with the increasing need for information processing in varying manners. Making it possible for the organizational theorist to analyze how a company’s complex goals are formed by the manner in which its structures cause information to be processed. However, as times change, so to do the forms organizations take; meaning that this concept needs to be updated to remain a useful tool of analysis.

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Best of How To Understand the Great Recession

CONGRATULATIONS, Will! Your post on Financial Innovations in the Banking Industry is this week’s Best of the Blog!

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The Importance of Conflict

Organizations and society are both significantly influenced by the conflicts that take place within their respective systems. No system is spared from conflict between individuals or collective groups of people. As Davis and Scott state ” conflict and change are a part of organizational life no less than consensus and stability.”(82) As a result, to gain a better understanding of the functioning of a system, removed form the ideal of how it should operate, the conflicts that occur must be examined. Furthermore, conflict can inspire innovation that reshapes systems and society.

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