From Armani Suits to an Orange Jumper: How’s Old Jeff Doing?

Well it has been almost 7 years since the Enron debacle and about 4 years since Jeffery Skilling was sentenced to over 24 years in prison (late in 2006).  So I figured I would write my blog post on a sort of “catch up with Jeff” inquiry.  He was originally sentenced to a high-level security prison FCI Waseca (located in southern Minnesota), but has since been moved to a low-security prison (in Littelton, CO) since his previous home was being converted to an all women prison.  Continue reading


Jeff Skilling in the news…

Just found this while browsing the interwebs….

Skilling May Get Legal Break

The Supreme Court is looking over the “honest services” law that was the basis for part of Skilling’s conviction. Just thought it was interesting.