Yes, I Finally Visited Dot and Yes, She Still Loves Blorg Theory

I made my way to the library early last week, before the paper was due, to visit with our management research librarian. Unfortunately, when I arrived, I was informed that Ms. Thompson was on vacation until the 1st. Crap. This is what I get for procrastination and poor time management. Finally, last Thursday she returned from vacation and I visited her after watching The Wire in class. The first thing we looked at was the Search by Subject page on the library website. She explained that this would direct me to management related databases that would provide me with the focused results I was looking for. First we explored the ABI Continue reading


Dot Thompson’s My Hero

Through my 4 years at Bucknell many of my classes have had class tutorials on how to use the cast amount of resources offered by the Bucknell Library.  So I was able to do a little research on my own before meeting with Dot Thompson in order to get myself reacquainted with the databases the school has access to.  I was able to find a few sources, but nothing that stood out. Continue reading

But Seriously, Dot Thompson Loves Org Theory!

My research strategy was to conduct research myself initially and then make use of the Bucknell librarians to help me out where my own researching efforts failed.  My attempt at researching resulted in a multitude of great sources.  However, I was unable to locate a scholarly journal article that specifically analyzed Rebecca Mark, something which I figured was bound to exist and would be very helpful for my essay.

So, Molly and I went to Dot Thompson prepared with specific research questions.  By giving her exactly what I was searching for, she showed me how to best utilize Bucknell’s databases to find what I was looking for.  I was familiar with the databases that she used, but was unaware of the extent of their features and search capabilities.  For example, Dot pointed out how search keywords differ by discipline.  Using a Management database to find an article related to the topic that I was looking for and then examining the tags was a useful way of learning how certain things are described in Management databases (as opposed to, for example, in a Psychology database).  Who knew that ‘women’ is more common terminology in Management and ‘female’ is more common terminology in Psychology?!

With Dot’s helpful advice and extensive research database expertise, I was able to locate a great article on Rebecca Mark.  If only she could write my paper for me too!

Dot Thompson Loves Org Theory!

Today Brooke and I entered Dot Thompson’s office to have a chat about research techniques for our paper. Our class has evidently been bombarding her office today because she knew exactly who we were and what we were coming to see her for.

Both Brooke and I consider ourselves quite experienced and familiar with the online databases so instead of requesting the usual “how-to” of online database research, we skipped to some very specific questions regarding our own individual research. In my paper I am utilizing an argument made by Milton Friedman in 1970 regarding the social responsibility of businesses. I was inspired by this piece after stumbling across a reference to it in our Organizations and Organizing textbook. It happened to be an article I had studied in my Business, Government and Society class so I was quite familiar with it. In my paper I want to cite an opposing viewpoint to Friedman’s argument. Dot helped me figure out how I could use our online databases to find critiques and opposing viewpoints to articles. She directed me to EconLit, an economics database, and we searched for articles that were not written by Friedman but that cited this specific article. It was very helpful to walk through this process with Dot because I was able to find both modern and past critiques from a number of different authors. I was luck to be  able to find success in my search and I walked away from Dot’s office very happy! This was a very useful experience for me and it will certainly serve to strengthen the counter-arguments raised in my paper. Thanks dot!

Researching: A Little Help Goes a Long Way

The information gathering process involved in the type of research necessary to gain a better understanding of complex topics, like the fall of Enron, can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. The temptation can become to use sources like Wikipedia, the internet, and Google without anything more to support your conclusions (the WIGWAM trap). However, giving in to this temptation ultimately leads to a lack of depth in one’s true understanding of a topic. Consequently, it is necessary to complete  research in a full and through manner. Doing so does not have to be a frustrating process though, and a little help can go a long way in ensuring that one can complete their research in a painless and efficient way.

Continue reading

Instructions for Week of Feb 22 (Fifth Post)

Besides following up on your check-list for comment-a-palooza, I want you to rediscover books.

I was at a seminar this week about information literacy hosted by our own LIT department.  We were talking about information literacy and the idea that  students should be competent with technology.  Good idea! Continue reading