From Armani Suits to an Orange Jumper: How’s Old Jeff Doing?

Well it has been almost 7 years since the Enron debacle and about 4 years since Jeffery Skilling was sentenced to over 24 years in prison (late in 2006).  So I figured I would write my blog post on a sort of “catch up with Jeff” inquiry.  He was originally sentenced to a high-level security prison FCI Waseca (located in southern Minnesota), but has since been moved to a low-security prison (in Littelton, CO) since his previous home was being converted to an all women prison.  Continue reading


Best of Book Week (Feb 21-March 1)

Your friendly neighborhood Blog Council This week:  Jordi and Tania

Our choice for best post is Kelly’s World Cup 2010: Dream or Disaster?

Other notable posts...

Great Title Award and Certificate for Linking Expereince to Topic: Macey’s “Bend it like Beckham: Physics of Sports.”

Silver Chalice for Open Systems Link that Made Jordi Dance with Joy: Derek’s “Deliberative Democracy in Practice.”

Shout Out for Liberal Arts Mojo (Linking to Another Class): Brooke’s “Dress Behind Bars.”

Passionate Tone and Topic Prize: Kurt’s “The Great Recession.”

Great Title Award and Honorary Captain of The Santa Defense League: Molly’s “Bah, Humbug!”

BlOrg Theory Students: READ ON!!!!!  IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!

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Dress Behind Bars

What does an inmate look like?  Specifically, what does a prisoner wear?  Orange jumpsuits and black and white striped uniforms come to my mind, as I am sure would be the case with many individuals asked these questions.

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