Wal-mart’s Going Green and Still Making More Money

Ignoring the labor issues that surround Wal-mart, they have made giant strides in “Going Green.”  The articles Wal-Mart’s Environmental Game-Changer and Wal-Mart Going Green And Its Effect both discuss the revolutionary changes that the $401 billion retail behemoth has taken the in the directions to help the environment.   Being environmentally friendly has never been a goal of the organization to date, but making and saving money has.  Wal-mart is very much a rational system with a formal structure and very specific goals.  This direction of going green raises flags because this is a new for the “lowest value” retailer.  In reality, Wal-mart has finally realized that their power in the supply chain can be used to benefit not their profits, but the global environment. Continue reading


The Importance of Conflict

Organizations and society are both significantly influenced by the conflicts that take place within their respective systems. No system is spared from conflict between individuals or collective groups of people. As Davis and Scott state ” conflict and change are a part of organizational life no less than consensus and stability.”(82) As a result, to gain a better understanding of the functioning of a system, removed form the ideal of how it should operate, the conflicts that occur must be examined. Furthermore, conflict can inspire innovation that reshapes systems and society.

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Rebuilding an organization to rebuild Haiti

People desire to fix the broken, but what happens when it’s an accumulation of many broken things.  In Haiti the destruction from the earthquake is shocking, but the people have already begun to ban together and plan to rebuild. We are not just talking about rebuilding the buildings as they once were, but reinventing Haiti’s identity through the transformation of a tragedy to an opportunity.  Haiti called on architects, engineers, and urban planners via email to meet up to start the process.  This group of 50 people was formed as they took time out of looking for the missing and shared their ideas of how to rebuild Haiti.  If you were to glance in the direction of these people it would not be what we consider an organization, but rather groups of people chatting.  However, closer examination of these people, what they are doing, and the knowledge of what makes up an organization will lead you to conclude that this is in fact the beginning of what could be a very important organization for Haiti. Continue reading