Best of International Week

After careful deliberation Christian, Mike, and I are pleased to announce this week’s best post….

!!!!CONGRATULATIONS KELLY!!!! and your post 12 zeros gone and Zimbabwe continues to struggle.

We would like to give Brooke and her post Using Soccer to Decrease the Prevalence of HIV/AIDS in South Africa a shout out for being our runner up.

We would also like to recognize Derek for his thoroughly researched and well written post, Peru: A Lesson in Rapid Development and Organizational Corruption.

BlOrg Theory please read on….

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Using Soccer to Decrease the Prevalence of HIV/AIDS in South Africa


Number (per year) Rank in World
HIV/AIDS Adult Prevalence Rate 18.1% 4
People Living with HIV/AIDS 5.7 million 2
HIV/AIDS Deaths 350,000 1

Those are some staggering figures.  Ranked first in the world for deaths from HIV/AIDS is a designation that no country wishes to earn.  Individuals throughout South Africa and the world have recognized the importance of this growing issue and many have organized together with the goal of combating this issue.  The result has been many organizations dedicated to reducing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS through a variety of manners.

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World Cup 2010: Dream or Disaster?

Development and Dreams: The Urban Legacy of the 2010 Football World Cup discusses the probable consequences of having the World Cup in South Africa this summer.  The authors of this book, Udesh Pillay, Richard Tomlinson, and Orli Bass, are a nice mix of a social development specialist, professor in urban planning, and professional in African race and identity.

This World Cup will be the first one ever to be hosted in Africa in a rather unstable region for an event of this magnitude.  Having the World Cup in South Africa is expected to have effects on “the economy of South Africa and its cities, on infrastructure development, and on the projection of African culture and indentity” (Development and Dreams).  The book is said to cover “debates over venue selection, investment in infrastructure, tourism, and fan-park sites” as well as covering “the less tangible hopes, dreams and aspirations associated with the World Cup” (Development and Dreams).  Development and Dreams begins with South Africa securing the World Cup hosting position for 2010 and goes on to cover the probable aftermath years later.

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