Usain Bolt Headlining the Penn Relays!!!

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The Jamaican track and field star Usain Bolt is expected to draw record crowds as he competes in this year’s Penn Relays Carnival at the University of Pennsylvania’s Franklin Field.  Bolt will be racing in the 4 x 100 meter relay as part of  the USA vs. The World series of events this Saturday evening (April 24) at 2:50 pm.  It’s hard to imagine that this years attendance is expected to well exceed the 104,000 athletes and spectators that historically attend over the three-day period, but that is just what Bolt’s world record speed has done for the sport. In addition, the USA vs. The World races will be televised on ESPN2 Saturday night from 8-10pm.   Continue reading


Best of Book Week (Feb 21-March 1)

Your friendly neighborhood Blog Council This week:  Jordi and Tania

Our choice for best post is Kelly’s World Cup 2010: Dream or Disaster?

Other notable posts...

Great Title Award and Certificate for Linking Expereince to Topic: Macey’s “Bend it like Beckham: Physics of Sports.”

Silver Chalice for Open Systems Link that Made Jordi Dance with Joy: Derek’s “Deliberative Democracy in Practice.”

Shout Out for Liberal Arts Mojo (Linking to Another Class): Brooke’s “Dress Behind Bars.”

Passionate Tone and Topic Prize: Kurt’s “The Great Recession.”

Great Title Award and Honorary Captain of The Santa Defense League: Molly’s “Bah, Humbug!”

BlOrg Theory Students: READ ON!!!!!  IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!

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Sport in the Cultures of the Ancient World

I was interested in this book because I love sports.  This book talks about how sports originated in the Greco-Roman empire as early as the third millennium.  Back then, sports were mostly practiced during ceremonies.  They were also the basis of physical education and had entertainment purposes.

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Perspectives on the MLB Steroid Troubles

One of my posts that I enjoyed most is A Look at Steroids in Baseball Today, so I used this post as a starting point to initiate further conversation about this topic.  I thoroughly explored the blog on this topic linked to in my original post.  Using the tags feature and the WordPress search function, I also located a post that speaks about the issue from a baseball player’s perspective.  He identified many interesting issues and spoke from an interesting viewpoint, so I commented on this post.  As an athlete myself and an individual who grew up during the steroid era, I find this topic intriguing and love to follow the debates surrounding the issue.

The Effect of the economy on Corporate Sponsorships

I was interested in this blog because I enjoy studying sports since I have been an athlete all of my life. Overall I thought the blogger compiled a relatively thorough analysis but there were certainly a few aspects of the piece that could have used some further detail in order to better prove the argument.

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Willie Parker wants to be a starter more than he wants to stay with Steelers

Willie Parker, a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has recently made a significant career decision. After being a part of the Steelers organization for the past 6 years, he has now decided that he would like to become a member of a different organization within the National Football League. Parker wants to leave the Steelers because he lost his starting position this past season to Rashard Mendenhall . Although he had a great run with the Steelers franchise, winning 2 Super Bowls in 6 years, Parker has decided that he would rather have a starting position elsewhere than continue his career as a second-string running back for the Steelers.

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A Look at Steroids in Baseball Today

In May 2007, a student wrote a blog post about steroids in baseball.  The post brings up many excellent ideas and addresses a topic that has only generated more interest since then.  I found it particularly exciting to read a student’s take from almost three years ago on a topic that is currently receiving widespread media attention, particularly in the wake of Mark McGwire’s admission to steroid use.   The author of the post does an excellent job of portraying an issue that had and continues to have major implications for the Major League Baseball organization.  The individual addresses the nature of the effects, the impacts the situation is having on the entire organization, how the problem arose, and touches on the effect that the widespread steroid use will have on the future of the organization and the image that the MLB will have. Continue reading