Jeff Skilling in the news…

Just found this while browsing the interwebs….

Skilling May Get Legal Break

The Supreme Court is looking over the “honest services” law that was the basis for part of Skilling’s conviction. Just thought it was interesting.


The Bush-Packed Supreme Court Thinks Corporations Are People Too

On January 22, the Supreme Court re-affirmed the case of Santa Clara vs. Santa Fe where the United States first developed the doctrine of corporations as persons.  As a result, corporations have the same political and civil rights as regular human beings.  “The Bush-Packed Supreme Court Thinks Corporations Are People Too” argues that with this ruling, corporations enjoy the privileges of personhood but fail to carry the burden of its responsibilities.  Scott Klinger, the author of this article, explains that humans must pause for sleep and rest, pay large sums of taxes, take care of organs of the body other than the brain, be accountable to society, and one day die.  Organizations are free to exist without these constraints on their progress and existence.

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