Walmart’s Squeeze on Society

For a shopper at Wal-Mart, it is difficult to say that the company is evil in any way.  Evil is probably too harsh a word to use anyway, but if the consumer looked past the low prices and considered that economic stability is a matter of cycles, they may not be so quick to speak.  Sure, one could even go as far to say that Wal-Mart is driving pure, American capitalism at its finest, but I would make the conjecture that they are doing more worse than good.  (This comes from a strictly economic standpoint — I rather enjoy the everyday low prices as a college student with limited funds.)  Continue reading


Wal-mart’s Going Green and Still Making More Money

Ignoring the labor issues that surround Wal-mart, they have made giant strides in “Going Green.”  The articles Wal-Mart’s Environmental Game-Changer and Wal-Mart Going Green And Its Effect both discuss the revolutionary changes that the $401 billion retail behemoth has taken the in the directions to help the environment.   Being environmentally friendly has never been a goal of the organization to date, but making and saving money has.  Wal-mart is very much a rational system with a formal structure and very specific goals.  This direction of going green raises flags because this is a new for the “lowest value” retailer.  In reality, Wal-mart has finally realized that their power in the supply chain can be used to benefit not their profits, but the global environment. Continue reading

Instructions for Third Week of Blog

Apart from musing about the impending snow-pocalypse, you are free to take on any topic and see how organization theory adds some insight.

A partial list of inspirations includes:

Meanwhile, I hope your writing brain-storming continues apace.

Hopefully I’ll make it through the storm to see you all on Thursday.